I'm Kai – a photographer in Berlin.

— About

My Name is Kai Müller, I'm a freelance photographer in Berlin.

— Clients

brand eins, Die Zeit, WIRED, McKinsey, Air Berlin Magazine, Carta, Razorfish, Tagesspiegel BERLINER, C3 - Creative Code and Content, Lufthansa Magazin, Nido, The Times Magazine (UK), stern, New Scientist (UK), Beef, Rolling Stone, Amnesty International, W&V, CNN, Tempus Corporate, Leica Camera AG, l'Equipe, Autostadt Magazin (VW), MLP Magazine, Zeit Campus, TUI Stiftung, Ogojiii (South Africa), Manager Magazin, Vanity Fair Italy, Spiegel Wissen, 11 Freunde, De Morgen (Belgium), me.URBAN, Focus Magazine, Petra, Pall Mall, Mercedes Benz Magazine, Business Punk, Visions Magazin, Philosophie, Electronic Beats, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Intro Magazin, emotion, Galore, EasyJet, Capital, brand eins Wissen, Gala Men, .HENKELHIEDL, Eichborn Verlag, Strichpunkt Design, Four Music, POC Mag, Calvin Klein, Musikexpress, Discover Ireland, Intro, Nespresso, Converse, Etsy, Melt! Festival, Red Bull, Visit Sweden, Reykjavík Grapevine.

Here's more of my commissioned work.

— People

Charles Bradley,Lars Eidinger, Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Susan Neiman, Kai Diekmann, Christian "Stolli" Stoll, Heike Makatsch, Manuel Möglich, Róisín Murphy, Charles von Abercron, Yuri Gleba, Father John Misty, Kathrin Osterode, Kurt Starke, Francesco Tristano, Stefan Pichler, Sasha Perera, Thomas Herrmans, Trentemøller, Fran Healy, Dendemann

— Video

Here's a little feature-video about my work in Iceland for Leica Camera.

— News

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— Book

One year ago, I made an ebook so you can flip through the photos with perfect comfort. Feel free to share! This one is a little outdated, I'll put a fresh one up as soon as I can. Promise.


Reach me at: ahoi@kaimueller.eu
Please feel free to contact me for getting the (photo) job done,
any collaborations or just having a drink.

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